Our service includes the following steps:

Inspection and collection of data on the operational conditions of the existing archives
Identification of problems and specific analysis of all safety regulations, focusing on floor loading capacity, routes, fire-load and aeration
Survey and objective identification of areas earmarked for archives, to analyse the correct use of occupied spaces and detect any waste of space to be reduced or removed, identifying possible inefficiencies which require improvement
Acting as a technical interlocutor for safety officers or relevant authorities to provide an overview of safety and fire-proof systems already in place and/or to be adopted
Detection of any operational and architectonical constraints
Design and development of the most suitable filing system in terms of cost-effectiveness and best design solutions
Supply and installation of the designed systems
Setting up and supervision of a professional team in charge of accomplishing the project
Recording and analysis of savings resulting from the application of the system, with the provision of full data in terms of technical feasibility and costs

The sum of individuals makes a community, the sum of documents makes an archive